cdf/bc press release

“Glutenostics Announces Partnerships with Major US Celiac Advocacy Groups”
LOS ANGELES, California (November 15, 2017)
Glutenostics LLC announced today new partnerships with Beyond Celiac and the Celiac Disease Foundation (CDF), trusted non-profit groups in the US for celiac disease. “By partnering with these outstanding organizations, we will work collaboratively to educate the celiac community about our novel at-home testing products, Gluten Detect, for monitoring compliance with the gluten-free diet,” stated David Winternheimer, PhD, CEO of Glutenostics LLC.
“For many patients with celiac disease, the emergence of almost any new or recurring symptom causes anxiety and distress. Patients often wonder if their discomfort is due to inadvertent gluten consumption or for other reasons,” stated Marilyn G. Geller, Chief Executive Officer of Celiac Disease Foundation. “Gluten Detect empowers patients to take charge, providing peace of mind that a gluten-free diet is being strictly followed, or indicating that further effort is needed to achieve compliance. Celiac Disease Foundation is proud to collaborate with Glutenostics on this critical endeavor.”
“Until now, people with celiac disease have largely been left to guesswork in confirming that they have accidentally ingested gluten. This is especially problematic for those newly diagnosed and for children who can’t always verbalize their symptoms,” says Alice Bast, CEO of Beyond Celiac. “When gluten exposure can trigger serious long-term health effects, it’s critical that our community has access to reliable tools that can help them manage the gluten-free diet, which can be incredibly burdensome for many within our community.”
Over the next year, Glutenostics will work closely with these groups to generate and disseminate focused informational and educational campaigns geared towards improving the monitoring of the gluten free diet, which is expected to improve the well-being of the celiac community. “With the assistance of these exceptional advocacy teams, we look forward to intimately engaging the celiac and gluten sensitivity communities, as well as anyone avoiding gluten in their diets, to help them live a healthier life,” noted Dr. Winternheimer. “We feel Gluten Detect is an essential and indispensable tool for these communities and are confident in the ability of Gluten Detect to empower people to take more control over their lives and make scientifically informed decisions concerning their diets.”

About Glutenostics LLC
Glutenostics was founded in 2016 with the mission of bringing new technologies to market that improve the livelihood of those living gluten-free, regardless of reason. In 2017, Glutenostics licensed their first technology from Biomedal (Seville, Spain), and developed their first product line, Gluten Detect, now available exclusively via their website As Glutenostics continues to grow and expand, it continues to pursue partnerships with other technology innovators in the gluten-free and surrounding space to take their products into commercializing within the North American markets.
About Gluten Detect
Gluten Detect has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. Gluten Detect is for informational purposes only, allowing the user to determine if they have ingested gluten over the previous 1-2 days or more.